Are SIP Calculators useful?  

We all have heard the word SIP in almost every economic and financial discussion at home and now, the word calculator is also being used with it. Okay, okay. Before you wrap your head around those terminologies. Let’s begin with understanding the fundamentals first.   What is an SIP?  SIP is a term used in the […]

Can we invest in ELSS tax saving funds with less expense ratio??

Passive ELSS Yes you can of course, recently only SEBI has announced that now the AMCs ( Mutual Fund houses) will be able to launch PASSIVE ELSS funds for tax saving purpose under sec 80C upto 1.5 Lakh. The fund category will be investing the amount in the indices, ETFs etc which will be passively […]


What is Financial Planning?  Financial Planning is all about budgeting, planning, implementing and executing to achieve the desired goal. Let’s assume you are in your 20s and unmarried and this is how your plan should be. Let’s understand how you can plan your goals and what are the ways in which you can achieve that. […]